Infoshift's Service-Oriented Architecture


ActiveGate is an orchestration middleware that’s easy to use. It helps business users adapt to their customers need without the need to bother developers.

ActiveGate Features:

  • Data Store (ActiveData)
  • Data Queues (for reliable message passing)
  • Business Process Management (ActiveGate)
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence (ActiveAnalytics)
  • Administration Suite (ActiveAdmin)
  • HTTP/REST API (ActiveConnect)
  • Authentication and Authorization (ActiveAuth)
  • Web Application Maker (ActiveWeb)
  • Delayed and Scheduled Execution (ActiveCron)

Compenents (ActiveStack):

  • ActiveVault - Wallet Component.
  • ActiveConnect - API layer on top of ActiveGate Middleware
  • ActiveAuth - Athentications and authorizations service implementing CAS and OAuth2.
  • ActiveData - Schemaless NoSQL service based on HTTP.
  • ActiveAnalytics - Business Data Analytics and Intelligence Service.
  • ActiveEvents - Enterprise service component implementation of Server-Sent Events
  • ActiveQueue - Enterprise Queue service with a simple HTTP API.
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